Fast and effective treatment

towards your new smile



The clear plastic aligners are almost invisible. Most people won’t even notice you are wearing them.


Removable aligners gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want, and keep your teeth clean during the treatment.


Treatments performed by Certified DENTILINE Dentists, in cooperation with specialized dental technicians.

Step 1

Find a provider

DENTILINE is unique in the way that any dentist can perform the aligner treatment in cooperation with Proteket. Should your dentist not be familiar with DENTILINE, simply provide us with the contact details and we will contact the dentist for you.

Step 2


The dentist will examine you to ensure that you are a good candidate for a DENTILINE treatment. This is performed by taking impressions and pictures. Based on that information, our trained experts at the Proteket laboratory will provide a detailed digital plan. You’ll will be able to see every change in every step of the way towards your new smile.

Step 3

The treatment

When you and your dentist have approved the new smile the dental technicians at Proteket will carefully produce the full set of aligners needed for your treatment. It’s delivered in a neat box together with instructions for use. You wear your aligners 22 hours every day, and every day you get one step closer to your new smile!

DENTILINE price depends on the complexity of the treatment. If you have a small correction the price can start at EUR 1.500, for complex treatments prices can be EUR 5.000. An average treatment costs around EUR 2.800.
The price is given to you by your dentist, based on the design of your new smile. First you need to take an impression at your DENTILINE dentist. After one week, your dentist can give you the exact price based on the DENTILINE design of your new smile.
DENTILINE is available in most countries around the world, with a few exceptions. Contact us, and we will suggest a dentist close to you.
Yes, your dentist can perform the treatment in cooperation with Proteket. If your dentist is not comfortable to do the treatment, contact us and we will suggest a dentist in your area.
The aligners are clear and transparent, which means that most people won’t notice that you are wearing them. It’s like looking at your teeth through a window.
The aligners are carefully designed to put pressure on your teeth in different directions. When you put pressure on a tooth over time the tooth will move.
DENTILINE is using certified orthodontic computer programs to analyze and design the movements of your teeth. It's safe and very accurate.
The DENTILINE aligners make sure that the teeth are guided slowly through the alignment process. If you wear your aligners 22 hours every day, the result will in most cases be according to the proposal.
You change to a new aligner every week, and a good day to start with a new aligner is on Mondays. This is because the most part of the correction is done the first 3 days. If you have a big occasion on the weekend, you can be without your aligner for a few hours.
DENTILINE is safe because your dentist and Proteket are experts on dental health and cooperate on your treatment. It is important that you always follow instructions given by the dentist.

NEVER do a treatment from an aligner system that offers treatment not involving a dentist.
In order to put the right pressure on your teeth, DENTILINE sometimes design a tooth colored attachment that is placed on your tooth. The dentist performs this according to the DENTILINE procedure. Attachments are totally safe and does not influence your tooth.
Some cases have “crowding”, which means that there is not enough space in the mouth for your teeth. The teeth either rotate or overlap to fit, like you would do in a tight crowd of people.

When DENTILINE creates your new smile line we need to create more space. This is often done by removing a small part of your enamel of the sides of the teeth. The process is well documented and totally safe, and will be performed by your dentist. IPR = Interproximal Reduction.
DENTILINE is developed by Proteket – one of the biggest dental laboratories in Norway. All smile designs and aligner production is performed by trained and certified dental technicians working in the Proteket laboratories in Greece and Norway.