Secure and efficiant aligner

treatment in collaboration

with Proteket

your treatments

Many clinics already offer aligner treatments to patients. It will be an important part of your clinic in the future.

Produced by professionals

Produced using the latest technology from 3shape. Proteket has the experience to deliver high quality designs and individual production.

and certification

Online Courses for dentist training and certification. Control your treatment by following our guides in the DENTILINE Dentist Portal.


Step 1

Get certified

Become a certified DENTILINE provider by taking the DENTILINE Online Certification Course that covers basic aspects of aligner treatment. After completing the course you will be confident to start treating your patients with DENTILINE.

Step 2

Establish account

With your certification code, you automatically receive a DENTILINE account. This gives you access to the portal where all the treatments are communicated. In the portal you will also find patient contracts, order forms and case examples.

Step 3

Treat your patient

Treating your patients with DENTILINE is easy and secure. Case designs are without cost and invoicing only on approved case design proposals. DENTILINE technicians and orthodontists offers full support all the way through the treatment.


The DENTILINE online course

The DENTILINE Course includes:
The basics – how do teeth move
Case examples
How to get the best result
Patient information
Patient treatment, IPR and attachments
Treatment walk-through